May 202009

There’s been a great deal of discussion over Wolfram|Alpha’s new search or “computational” engine over the last few months.

What’s just starting to hit the blogosphere however is their restrictive terms of service. They may as well have boiled it down to “anything we tell you, we own”.

Groklaw has some excellent coverage of the odious terms here.

I realised early on in coverage that Wolfram|Alpha is not meant to be used as a “search engine” as such, but hadn’t quite realised that it wasn’t meant to be used for anything at all that might “belong to me”, so to speak.

And people complain about Facebook’s terms of use!

  One Response to “Why I’ll use Wolfram|Alpha just after the Sun freezes”

  1. […] Posted by Preston on 2009-08-25 I routinely check (via the handy WordPress dashboard) what searches lead people to my blog. Often it’s for content that already exists on my site, but it also routinely helps me think of new topics to cover. (Occasionally it also provides some wry humour – for instance, someone a few weeks ago searched for “after the sun freezes”, which led them, I believe, to my posting on when I’d get around to running a search using Wolfram|Alpha.) […]

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