EMC, Data Domain, VTLs and Disk Backup

With their recent acquisition of Data Domain, some people at EMC have become table thumping experts overnight on why you it’s absolutely imperative that you backup to Data Domain boxes

The lighter side…

In my spare time I tend to either write, watch a bit of TV or whip out my camera and take some photos. When I bought my 50D, we were

Aside – Adobe Bloatware

My partner for the last 13 years is a graphic designer (and an excellent photographer to boot). As you may imagine, over the years, I’ve watched him use a successive

First thoughts – VMware Fusion 3 vs Parallels Desktop v5

As an employee of an EMC partner, I periodically get access to nifty demos as VMs. Unfortunately these are usually heavily geared towards running within a VMware hosted environment, and


If you thought in the storage blogosphere that this week had seen the second coming, you’d be right. Well, the second coming of Drobo, that is. With new connectivity options

Quibbles – The maddening shortfall of ADV_FILE

Everyone who has worked with ADV_FILE devices knows this situation: a disk backup unit fills, and the saveset(s) being written hang until you clear up space, because as we know

Storage Tiering vs ILM

Over at StorageNerve, and on Twitter, Devang Panchigar has been asking Is Storage Tiering ILM or a subset of ILM, but where is ILM? I think it’s an important question

NetWorker 7.6 and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

While still not appearing on the NetWorker compatibility lists, it would certainly appear from testing that NetWorker 7.6 plays a whole lot nicer with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

NetWorker 7.6 Enhanced Monitoring

One of the features most missed by NetWorker users since the introduction of NetWorker Management Console has been the consolidated view of NetWorker activities that had previously been always available.

NetWorker 7.6 Performance Tuning Guide – No longer an embarrassment

While NetWorker 7.6 is not available for download as of the time I write this, the documentation is available on PowerLink. For those of you chomping at the bit to