Jan 162013

EMC ElectI was rather chuffed, in December, to be nominated to the new EMC Elect programme, and humbled to be informed a couple of days ago that I’ve been accepted into it. The directory of all members for 2013 can be found here, and I’m grateful to have been added to a rather prestigious list of people.

I’ve been working with NetWorker since 1996, and for various reasons I still believe it’s one of the most powerful enterprise backup products there is for several important reasons. (Being a framework, overall extensibility and consistency, emphasis on recoverability and backup dependency tracking, just for a start.)

I started the NetWorker Blog in 2008, primarily as an adjunct to my book, Enterprise Systems Backup and Recovery: A Corporate Insurance Policy. Yet very quickly, the NetWorker Blog took on a life of its own, and I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to share knowledge in a product I’ve been using for so long.

These days I work with a lot of the EMC BRS space – Avamar and Data Domain most notably get a goodly chunk of my attention too. Yet NetWorker remains and will continue to remain for some time my core focus with EMC technology. It’s not just a job for me – backup is most definitely a real passion.

This is the inaugural year of EMC Elect, and I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate, and it’s pleasing to know I’ve got that opportunity off the back of my passion for backup – and my passion for NetWorker.


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  1. And it’s wonderful to have you in the EMC Elect community. Thank you for your time, commitment and continued engagement. I’m thrilled to learn from you and with you.

    • Thanks Matthew – equally I’m looking forward to engaging with yourself and everyone else in the EMC Elect community!

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  3. Congrats!

    I found your book and blog invaluable when I started with NetWorker 7.2. and ended with 7.6. Though I am no longer working in that space, it’s still a good read.

    It’s still funny how businesses are perfectly willing to take out loads of physical plant insurance and even insure their employees…data…not so much, or not nearly as zealously as they should.

  4. Congratulations.

    I hope that this will get you more contacts within EMC to improve NetWorker more.
    And I also hope that EMC will use your information and experience to improve their products.

    For the first part I am sure 😉
    The second one remains a dream until I see the results.


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