May 282014

I’m on the job market, and am looking for permanent or contract options in Melbourne, Australia, starting Thursday 26 June onwards.

As you may have gathered from the content of my blog, I’m somewhat of an EMC NetWorker expert. I’m also quite capable with EMC Avamar and EMC Data Domain, so if you’re selling, consulting in or using any of those packages, I’d be a pretty good asset for you to make use of. Here’s a copy of my current CV.

Alternately, if you’re elsewhere in Australia (or the world) and want to make use of my skills remotely, here’s your chance to have me VPN in and work with your environment. I have considerable experience in performing health checks and analysis of backup configuration.

You can contact me at

Preston de Guise

  6 Responses to “…are you hiring?”

  1. Preston!
    No doubt you’ll find great opportunities soon, you’re highly appreciated in the business. I hope you’ll stick to what you do best and keep on contributing to the community and all of us who really cares about Data Protection.

    My best wishes – and recommendations,
    Johan Robinson

  2. Hello Preston,

    Sad to see you on job market.

    You are of these guys (like I am) that are powered by technology.
    Our one is Data protection.

    Your posts and blog articles are always growfull and full-filled of useful tips.

    I wish you good winds in finding new great opportunities soon.
    I am pretty sure you will find it/them quickly and something you will enjoy.

    Should you need any extra recommendations, you can count on mines.

    Warm regards,

    Thierry Faidherbe

    • Hi Thierry,

      Thanks for your kind words – they are greatly appreciated!


  3. All the best Preston with whatever endeavours you put your well regarded talents to come June 26th. I can’t tempt you to jump ship to another data protection/data management product can I? 🙂

    • Hi Rowan,

      Thanks, much appreciated! I’m exploring all avenues, regardless of product.


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