Given the daily visitors that come to the site looking for NetWorker documentation, I’ve decided to host (with the permission from EMC) a local copy of NetWorker documentation. This will assist in making the NetWorker Information Hub and the NetWorker Blog more complete.

You can find local copies of most NetWorker related documentation on the main site, Per-section links are below, but please note that links will be primarily maintained on the main site.

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  1. Hello:

    We need to upgrade our current Sun Storege EBS 7.3 (Solaris 9) to current version/release 7.6 (Sun branded version). I am looking for any upgrade tips/steps to upgrade to 7.6 release.
    Tom Pham

    • Hi Tom,

      I’d recommend getting in touch with EMC to find a local rep to help you transition away from EBS. Oracle have made it clear they’re discontinuing EBS – upgrading to a version of the product where the vendor has no commitment to ongoing work on the product should be avoided.

      That being said, an OEM transfer from EBS to NetWorker is trivial, and would not unduly affect any upgrade plans.

      Going from 7.3 direct to 7.6 is supported. Bear in mind that each version of NetWorker tends to enforce name resolution requirements a little stronger, so you post-upgrade it would be very wise to make sure to probe every client (e.g., savegrp -pv groupName for each active group) to make sure that there’s not going to be any name resolution issues.

      A 7.6 server will still backup a 7.3 client, so focus first on upgrading your server and storage node(s), but then given 7.3 is no longer a supported version, aim to get clients upgraded as soon as is convenient, or if errors manifest.

      One last thing – is what you should go to. That’s 7.6 service pack 1, cumulative release 2.



  2. Dear Sir / Madam ,

    I cannot download the documents for NMDA , ORacle , etc. . . .

    Please advise . Thank you .


  3. Hi Preston,

    Thanks for putting up a great blog for Networker. I’m new to Networker and want to play with it in my lab. I don’t see docs for Networker 8.0, is there a roadmap for it? Will be grateful to you if you can help.



    • Hi,

      I’ve got links to the standard documentation here: NetWorker Documentation.

      As for roadmaps, EMC typically only provides them under NDA. You’ll need to consult your account manager on that one.


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