Stop, Collaborate and Listen (Shareware)

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May 102014

Starting today, I’m offering Stop, Collaborate and Listen in shareware format as a micromanual.

You’re encouraged to register, download and read the micromanual, but requested not to distribute it. If you find it useful, you’re requested to purchase it from Amazon, where the royalty will be like a colourful explosion of fireworks in the day of this most humble consultant.

If you find it really useful, you might even want to contact me to discuss how I could consult with your IT team to make it a reality for your business.

Click here to access the registration form and download.

Here’s a reminder of what Stop, Collaborate and Listen is about:

I’ve been an IT consultant for close to two decades. During that time, I’ve worked with a large number of IT departments ranging from those in small, privately held businesses through to departments servicing world-wide Fortune 500 companies. During that time I’ve seen some excellent examples of how the best IT departments and workers align to their business, but I’ve also seen what doesn’t work. Stop, Collaborate and Listen succinctly provides guidance on what to do in order to get the business/IT relationship working smoothly.

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