Nov 302016

Folks, it’s that time of the year again! Each year I run a survey to gauge NetWorker usage patterns – how many clients you’ve got, what plugins you’re using, whether you’re using deduplication, and a plethora of other questions. The survey runs from December 1 (ish) through to January 31 the next year. (This year I’m kicking it off on November 30, just because I have time.)

Take the survey!

That gets assembled into a report in February of the following year, reporting trends across the various years the NetWorker survey has been conducted. If you’d like to see what the reports look like, you can view last year’s report here.

You can fill out the survey anonymously if you’d like, but if you submit your email address at the end you’ll be in the running for a copy of my upcoming book, Data Protection: Ensuring Data Availability, due out February 2017. (Last year’s winner hasn’t been forgotten – the book just got delayed.) If you submit your email address, it will not be used for any purpose other than to notify you if you’re the winner.

The survey is closed now. Results will be published in February 2017.

Feb 152015

I’m pleased to say I’ve completed and made available the NetWorker usage report for 2014. I’m particularly grateful to everyone who took the time to answer the 20 questions in the survey conducted between December 1, 2014 and January 31, 2015.

The report continues to track trends in NetWorker usage within organisations: deduplication adoption continues to grow, for instance, and Data Domain remains the overwhelmingly preferred method to enable that deduplication.

This was the first survey that asked a basic question I should have been asking for the last several years (!), how big is a full backup for your environment? The results on that question were particularly insightful as to just how large some environments get, and put to rest that FUD you see occasionally from other vendors that NetWorker doesn’t cut the mustard. (It not only cuts it, but it spreads it in an entirely appetising way…)

You can find on the main NetWorker Hub site, or access it directly here.


Nov 302014

It’s that time of the year again where I ask my readers to set aside 5 minutes or so to answer some questions about how they’re using NetWorker within their environment. These results get compiled into the Annual NetWorker Usage Survey. You can find reports from previous surveys here, and the 2013/2014 report can be directly downloaded here.

The survey will run December 1 2014 (ok, I’m getting in a day early so I don’t forget) through to January 31 2015, with the report published in February 2015.

I’m grateful to everyone who has the time to fill in the survey. Please note that the survey tool asks you for your email address on submission. You can leave this blank or fill it in as you wish. If you do fill it in, I’ll assume you won’t mind me contacting you for any clarification or follow-up question. (However, I guarantee I won’t be adding you to any mailing lists, etc.)

The survey is now closed. Results will be published in February.


NetWorker Usage Survey 2013 Results

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Feb 162014

The results from the 2013 NetWorker Usage Survey are in, and the report is available.

Backup to disk methodsContinuing on from previous years, deduplication adoption continues apace, and tape utilisation continues to fall. But that’s not all. There’s coverage of NetWorker modules, adoption of new features in NetWorker 8 onwards, and a few comments about where perhaps EMC need to next concentrate on with NetWorker.

The winner of the book competition run in conjunction to the survey will be contacted separately. Many thanks, as always, to those who were able to take the time to participate in the survey.

You can access the report here.


Dec 012013

It’s time for the annual NetWorker Usage Survey for 2013. This will run from 1 December, 2013 through to 31 January, 2014. Last year’s report can still be found here.

While the survey is anonymous, you are asked at the end of the survey if you’d like to provide your name and email address, and this year there’s an incentive to do so … I’ll be giving away a copy of my book, Enterprise Systems Backup and Recovery: A corporate insurance policy, to one survey entrant. Since the survey will close on 31 January 2014, I’ll be in contact with the winner in the first week of February to confirm address details and post it out. (Of course, if you don’t want to go into the competition, you can fill out the survey anonymously.)

The survey is now complete. Check back soon for the results.

NetWorker Usage Report 2012

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Feb 202013

Running between December 11, 2012 and 31 January 2013, the NetWorker Usage Survey switched from a bi-yearly to a yearly activity and continued to track trends within the NetWorker user community, as well as ask new questions relating to organisational structure for backup administrators, and backup methods used for virtual machines.

The results are now in – the report is available here.

There’s been some interesting trends … would you care, for instance, to take a guess as to the percentage of polled NetWorker sites now working with deduplication?

To see the results, download the report now.

Dec 132010

From around mid-November through to the start of December, our second NetWorker usage survey was run. Do you think NetWorker is an enterprise product, or a workgroup product? If you’re thinking workgroup, the survey results should correct you on that. Let’s take a look for instance at the number of clients that NetWorker sites are protecting:

Number of clients protected by NetWorkerThat’s over 50% of NetWorker deployments being used to protect sites with more than 250 clients – clearly entrenching it in the datacentre.

For the full report, go to the Reports section on and retrieve the first listed report – “NetWorker Usage Survey, November 2010”. (No registration required.)

Nov 172010

In March this year, I ran a NetWorker Usage Survey to gauge the lay of the land in terms of how and on what NetWorker is deployed within the user community. As a result of that, hundreds of people downloaded the March 2010 NetWorker Usage Survey Report.

It’s time to revisit that survey; I’ve adjusted the questions a little based on some of the responses from the previous survey results, and I’m keen for as many answers as possible to make this a worthwhile report. (Don’t forget, the report will be free to download.)

I’ll be aiming to keep the survey running until the end of November, and publish the results early in December. So please, fill out the survey below and have your say!


The survey has now closed. The report will be posted soon.