Why the flag?


People who know me will know I don’t shy back from the fact that I’m gay. I’m proud of who I am and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Recently the repressive actions of bigoted politicians in countries like Russia and Uganda have taken persecution of the GBLTI community to heights unseen in decades.

I’m lucky enough to live in a fairly free country, though Australia doesn’t excel yet when it comes to rights for the GBLTI community. Marriage equality remains our biggest hurdle, with our Federal parliament largely ignoring polls which overwhelmingly show the Australian people is ready for marriage equality.

Yet, the trials I experience as a gay person in Australia are negligible compared to that experienced by people around the world in other countries. There’s dozens of countries where homosexuality is illegal and there’s still countries that execute people for being gay. Russia has gone on a campaign of organised insanity against homosexuality, and vicious right wing christian groups in the USA have been directly linked to Uganda’s “Kill the gays” bill.

It’s not safe out there, and some people not only still find homosexuality uncomfortable, but hate (a vile word in itself) the GBLTI community and wish nothing but ill upon us.

It’s a small stand on my part, I know, but I want everyone who accesses my blog to see that flag and realise they’re reading the words of a gay man who supports gay rights. So if you’re reading this blog, and you don’t like gays – consider this: you’re getting your advice from a gay man. And every time you come here and read my words, you’re relying on a gay man for help. Sucks to be you, huh? For everyone else of course – thanks for behaving like a genuine human being.

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  1. I didn’t know, and it’s somewhat of a comfort to realise I am not the only gay in the Networker village!

    I live just outside Amsterdam, and everyday I stop and think how lucky I am to live somewhere which has such a liberated and forward thinking attitude to the GBLTI community as opposed to living in a supposedly civilized country where anti-gay activities are encouraged and written into that countries legal code.

    Best regards,

  2. Hello,

    I’m from Russia and very appriciate your advises on how to administer NetWorker. I’m afraid you are under some false impression with regard to what happens in contemporary Russia. So I decided to explain you something on homosexuality in Russia. English is not my mother tongue. so I’m sorry for any grammar error that you might encounter below.

    All the homosexuality fuss is mainly inflamed by the media (mainly Western media, I daresay). Here are plain facts:
    1) Homosexuality is not considered as public offense now. It has been decriminalized since 1993. Russian geys have their private clubs and sites like http://bluesystem.ru/, http://1seks.ru/, http://gayser.narod.ru/. Being gey is quite acceptable in artistic circle. Many pop-singers like Sergey Zverev (http://szverev.ru/) and famous ballet dancers like Nikolay Tsiskaridze (http://www.tsiskaridze.com/) might be regarded as gey celebrities. All and all being gey is mainly accepted as part of one’s private (even sacred) life.
    2) Turning to so-called gey parades. Yes, vast majority of Russians thinks of it as something unacceptable, visious, something what should happen on a street. But is is not because they hate geys, they just can’t stand when geys OPENLY display their homosexuality and, therefore, might affect young people’s minds. Parents just want to protect unsteady kids and teenagers from mimicing geys attitude and manners. They afraid that some kids might “play geys or lesbian” just for fun. I should admit, perents desire to pretect thir kids is quite respectable and acceptable in this case.

    Basically, current situation with geys is not so bad as you might think after reading Western papers. It is akin to all US army rule “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

    • Actually, you’re being hideously lied to by a corrupt and immoral government that has strong levels of control over your media and is driving an abhorrent campaign of fear and immoral behaviour.

      While homosexuality is not considered an offence, it would appear that the neo-nazi groups within Russia hunting on gay dating sites for people, capturing them and physically and mentally torturing them are also not “offenders”, as there are few, if any cases of these people being prosecuted. Imagine that – someone arranges a date, only to turn up and be beaten, abused and tortured by some sick bastard … and then can’t do anything about it because the entire government and police process just doesn’t care any more.

      Also, I think you’ll find that your attitudes as well have been regrettably coloured by the entire campaign, as evidenced by the sickening attitude you took in point 2 of your response: “Parents want to protect unsteady kids and teenagers from mimicing geys attitude and manners” … the entire process there is premised on the notion that people can choose to be homosexual and that there’s something implicitly wrong with being homosexual. Both of those are incorrect.

      “…they just can’t stand when geys OPENLY display their homosexuality” … why is that? If it is, as you suggested, something that is sacred and legal, why is it required to stop people from in any way demonstrating it? Consider as well – you stated “Being gay is quite acceptable in artistic circle” … yet how will anyone know about that any longer? The details of the laws are quite clear and will prohibit any gay person from talking about their sexuality in any public forum or in any way that anyone under 18 could possibly hear. The entire premise of the law is to drive the GBLTI population back into the closet and lock the door. You can’t tell me that gays are in any way respected under this law.

      I feel sorry for you if you think that what is happening is suitable or acceptable.

  3. You have an epic beard, and this is the only thing that matters 🙂

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