Celebrating 25 years of NetWorker

25 years ago, a post was made onto Usenet to announce the immediate availability of a new backup product called NetWorker. Thanks to Google’s archive of Usenet, you can still read

Tales from the trenches – Tape

I’m back in a position where I’m having a lot of conversations with customers who are looking at infrastructure change. What I’m finding remarkable in every single one of these conversations

Basics – Configuring a reports-only user

Something that’s come up a few times in the last year for me has been a situation where a NetWorker user has wanted to allow someone to access NetWorker Management Console

Pool size and deduplication

When you start looking into deduplication, one of the things that becomes immediately apparent is … size matters. In particular, the size of your deduplication pool matters. In this respect, what I’m referring

NetWorker to the Cloud

Introduced alongside NetWorker 8.2 SP1 is integration with a new EMC product, CloudBoost. The purpose of CloudBoost is to allow a NetWorker server to write deduplicated backups from its datazone out to

One target to rule them all

Introduction It’s true there are some data types that broadly aren’t suitable to sending to Data Domain – any more than they’re suitable for sending to any other deduplication appliance or system within any environment. Large

Files and files and files

A while ago, I gave away a utility I find quite handy in lab and testing situations called genbf. If you’ll recall, it can be used to generate large files which are not susceptible

New role

I’m pleased to say that on Monday I’ll be starting a new role. While I’ve worked closely with EMC for many a year as a partner, and more recently in

Basics – Taking a turn about the filesystem

“Miss Eliza Bennet, let me persuade you to follow my example, and take a turn about the room. — I assure you it is very refreshing after sitting so long

Upgrade times

We live in a world of activities. Particularly in IT, almost everything we do can at some point be summarised as being an activity. Activities we perform typically fall into one of three organisational types,