Oct 182016
Data Domain Updates

I was on annual leave last week (and this week I find myself in Santa Clara). Needless to say, the big announcements are often seemed to neatly align with when I go on annual leave, and last week was no different – it saw the release of a new set of Data Domain systems, DDOS 6.0, […]

And now a word from my sponsor

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Sep 092016
And now a word from my sponsor

This post is a little off-topic, I’ll admit that in advance. But I wanted to add a bit of a message from my sponsor. You may not realise it, but throughout all the years I’ve been blogging about NetWorker, there’s been a secret sponsor working in the background paying all the site fees, domain fees, […]

Sep 072016
Backing up Oracle with NMDA

In previous posts I’ve talked about options around database backups – specifically whether you’d use a NetWorker module or say, DDBoost for Enterprise Applications. There’s a lot of architectural positives towards having the database administrators in control of the backup, but sometimes you’ll want the backups to be controlled and coordinated by NetWorker. It could be […]

Aug 092016
Backing up to Recover: PSS, BBB and VBA

I’ve recently been doing some testing around Block Based Backups, and specifically recoveries from them. This has acted as an excellent reminder of two things for me: Microsoft killing Technet is a real PITA. You backup to recover, not backup to backup. The first is just a simple gripe: running up an eval Windows server […]

Jul 112016
Basics - Experimenting with the REST API in NetWorker

Overview As I mentioned in the previous article, NetWorker 9 SP1 has introduced a REST API. I’ve never previously got around to playing with REST API interfaces, but as is always the case with programming, you either do it because you’re getting paid to or because it’s something that strikes you as interesting. Accessing NetWorker via a REST API […]

Jul 082016
NetWorker 9.0 SP1

NetWorker 9.0 SP1 (aka “9.0.1”) was released at the end of June. I meant to blog about it pretty much as soon as it came out, but the Australian Federal election distracted me last weekend, and then on the Monday night I came down with yet another cold* which has left me floored most of the week. (In fact, I’ll […]

Jun 272016
Basics – Linux File Level Recovery from VMware Image Level Backups

NetWorker 9 introduced a new, pure HTML5 web interface for the File Level Recovery interface for VBA, which works much the same way as the v8.x FLR, just without Flash. However, it also introduced nsrvbaflr, a command line utility that comes with the base NetWorker client install, which can be used on Linux or Windows virtual machines to […]

Betting the company

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Jun 152016
Betting the company

Short of networking itself, backup and recovery systems touch more of your infrastructure than anything else. So it’s pretty common for any backup and recovery specialist to be asked how we can protect a ten or sometimes even twenty year old operating system or application. Sure you can backup Windows 2012, but what about NT 4? Sure you can backup Solaris […]

How many copies do I need?

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May 242016
How many copies do I need?

So you’ve got your primary data stored on one array and it replicates to another array. How many backup copies do you need? There’s no doubt we’re spawning more and more copies and pseudo-copies of our data. So much so that EMC’s new Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM) product was announced at EMC World. (For details on that, check […]

May 112016
Basics: Recovering Data Backed up over NFS

Backing up data from an NFS mount-point is not ideal, but sometimes we don’t have a choice. There’s a few reasons you might end up in this situation – you might need to backup data on a particularly old system that no longer has a NetWorker client available (or perhaps never did), or you might need to backup a […]