Mar 052014
Seven enhancements I'd like to see in NetWorker

Much as I love using NetWorker, I do periodically have my gripes with it. As a long term user (I go back to 1996), there’s a bunch of smaller things that I’d love to see fixed. These aren’t the earth-shattering changes that we see slide decks for, but rather, the sort of changes that make [...]

Feb 242014
Data Domain Boost and Daily/Monthly Backups

One question that comes up every now and then concerns having an optimal approach to Data Domain Boost devices in NetWorker when doing both daily and monthly backups. Under NetWorker 7.x and lower, when the disk backup architecture was considerably less capable (resulting in just one read nsrmmd and one write nsrmmd for each ADV_FILE [...]

Feb 182014
Deduplication Usage in NetWorker

Following from my NetWorker Survey Results for 2013, I’ve been going through the survey data in more detail, and spotted an interesting (and logical) correlation between the number of clients being protected by NetWorker in businesses and whether or not deduplication is used. In the graph, the X-Axis is the number of clients (by survey [...]

Feb 162014
NetWorker Usage Survey 2013 Results

The results from the 2013 NetWorker Usage Survey are in, and the report is available. Continuing on from previous years, deduplication adoption continues apace, and tape utilisation continues to fall. But that’s not all. There’s coverage of NetWorker modules, adoption of new features in NetWorker 8 onwards, and a few comments about where perhaps EMC [...]

Feb 092014

While virtualisation has introduced additional complexities into our lives from a backup perspective, you can’t argue with the benefits it has brought. A decade or more ago when I’d talk to customers about test environments for backups, I’d usually get a slightly shocked response. It was one thing to spend money on backup infrastructure, but spending [...]

Jan 162014
EMC Elect, 2014

I’m rather pleased to say I’ve been included for the second year running in the EMC Elect programme. Last year was the first time the programme was run and while at times my schedule prevented full participation, I’ve got to say it was an excellent community to be part of. It’s fair to say I [...]

Dec 012013

It’s time for the annual NetWorker Usage Survey for 2013. This will run from 1 December, 2013 through to 31 January, 2014. Last year’s report can still be found here. While the survey is anonymous, you are asked at the end of the survey if you’d like to provide your name and email address, and [...]

Spy vs Agent

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Nov 162013
Spy vs Agent

Since VMware entered the server space, a simple problem has plagued backup administrators: Backup via a client installed in the VM? or Backup the virtual machine files. I like to all this agent vs spy. The agent is the conventional client software, and the spy is the mechanism that allows a backup of the virtual machine files. It’s a [...]

Nov 072013
Checkpoint your backups

Back in NetWorker 7.6 SP1, a new feature was introduced – Checkpoint backups. If you’ve not used or heard of then, you’ve probably not really even noticed how simple it is to turn on: The notion of checkpoint restarts is easy – if for some reason the connection to a backup fails during the process, [...]

Oct 302013
Virtual synthetic fulls: A match made in heaven

One of the great new features in NetWorker 8.1 is virtual synthetic fulls. You may think the term ‘virtual synthetic’ sounds a bit meta, but it’s quite accurate when it refers to synthetic fulls being virtually constructed on Data Domain devices. You see, while synthetic fulls were introduced in NetWorker 8.0, they had a catch when running [...]