Mar 022015
How secure are your backups?

Backup security is – or rather should be a big requirement in any organisation. Sadly we still see periodic examples of where organisations fail to fully comprehend the severity of a backup breach. In a worst case scenario, a backup breach involving physical theft might be the equivalent of someone having permanent and unchecked access […]

Feb 252015
Testing (and debugging) an emergency restore

A few days ago I had some spare time up my sleeve, and I decided to test out the Emergency Restore function in NetWorker VBA/EBR. After all, you never want to test out emergency recovery procedures for the first time in an emergency, so I wanted to be prepared. If you’ve not seen it, the Emergency […]

Feb 242015
I've been Elected again

I’ve been running the NetWorker Blog since 2009, and since it started it’s grown to hundreds of articles in addition to a bunch of reports and some mini (and not so mini) manuals. I’ve been lucky enough to be named part of the EMC Elect Community now for 3 years running since its inception, but I thought it […]

Feb 152015
2014 NetWorker Usage Report

I’m pleased to say I’ve completed and made available the NetWorker usage report for 2014. I’m particularly grateful to everyone who took the time to answer the 20 questions in the survey conducted between December 1, 2014 and January 31, 2015. The report continues to track trends in NetWorker usage within organisations: deduplication adoption continues to grow, for instance, and Data […]

Feb 102015
Housing your software

I’ve admitted in the past I’m a bit of a data hoarder. That’s partly come from the reasonably abysmal download speeds you get in Australia unless you’re lucky enough to be on the relatively small fibre-connected portion of the National Broadband Network. (Even now, my average “best” download speed peaks at about 1.8MB/s at home.) Sure, businesses get […]

Feb 022015
Shared Data Domain Access

If you’ve come from a tape library environment, you’re well aware the only way to share a tape library between multiple NetWorker datazones – i.e., multiple NetWorker servers – is to use library partitioning. Thus, a 1000 slot library might be presented as 1 x 800 slot library and 1 x 200 slot library to the independent servers. But […]

Jan 292015
Happy birthday NetWorker 8.2 SP1

The Features NetWorker 8.2 SP1 became available today, and as is becoming traditional for an SP1 release of NetWorker, the main focuses are on rolling up fixes from the cumulative releases – but that doesn’t mean it’s the only focus of the release. Included in the 8.2 SP1 release you’ll find several enhancements, and I’ve outlined them below. New […]

Jan 222015
Client checking with nsradmin

I’ve probably looked at the man page for nsradmin a half dozen times since NetWorker 8.2 came out, and I’d not noticed this, but someone in NetWorker product management mentioned it to me and I’m well and truly kicking myself I hadn’t noticed it. You see, nsradmin with 8.2 introduced a configuration checker. It’s not fully functional yet, but the area […]

Jan 102015
NetWorker 8.2 and VBA Instant-Access

One of the great new features in NetWorker is the integration of Instant Access, whereby virtual machines backed up with the VBA appliance to Data Domain systems may be instantly accessed from the Data Domain without needing to actually recover them. This allows you to quickly startup a failed service even as you’re migrating the virtual machine […]

Jan 032015
Turbocharged EMC NetWorker

A while ago, I set out to update the nsradmin micromanual I’d released originally in 2009. In short order though I realised there were a lot of other topics that I’d like to include in a comprehensive “Power User” guide to NetWorker, and so brings the first release of the Turbocharged EMC NetWorker guide. If I kept writing until everything about […]