Jul 192014
Basics - Force incremental

In one of those “old dogs can learn new tricks” scenarios, or perhaps more correctly, “never believe it until you’ve read it in the manual”, I recently learnt what force incremental really does in NetWorker groups. I remember sitting in a training course over a decade ago being told, “If you turn force incremental on and the group [...]

Jul 062014
Windows block based backup with Linux AFTDs

One of the new features of NetWorker 8.2 is the expansion of Windows Block Based Backups (BBB) to support additional backup targets. When the feature was originally introduced into NetWorker 8.1, it supported only the following devices: Data Domain Boost, and Advanced File Type Devices (AFTDs) on Windows systems only. However, there’s a lot of environments [...]

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What’s new in 8.2?

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Jun 302014
What's new in 8.2?

NetWorker 8.2 entered Directed Availability (DA) status a couple of weeks ago. Between finishing up one job and looking for a new one, I’d been a bit too busy to blog about 8.2 until now, so here goes… First and foremost, NetWorker 8.2 brings some additional functionality to VBA. VBA was introduced as the new backup process in NetWorker 8.1. [...]

Jun 262014

I’ve started working on a new eBook, Turbocharged EMC NetWorker, aimed squarely at NetWorker administrators who want to get more out of the product from the command line. It’s not designed to be a replacement to the NetWorker Command Line Reference Guide (or the man pages), but instead highlight various techniques I’ve learnt and used over the years to get more out [...]

May 282014
...are you hiring?

I’m on the job market, and am looking for permanent or contract options in Melbourne, Australia, starting Thursday 26 June onwards. As you may have gathered from the content of my blog, I’m somewhat of an EMC NetWorker expert. I’m also quite capable with EMC Avamar and EMC Data Domain, so if you’re selling, consulting in or using any of those packages, I’d be [...]

May 252014
Rolling your own dedupe

I’m a big fan of lab testing – it’s the only way you can safely work out how to do potentially destructive activities, it’s a great way to practice, and it’s equally a great way of evaluating. A deduplication appliance is a big investment. You’re not just buying disk, you’re buying a chunk of intellectual property and some really [...]

May 102014
Stop, Collaborate and Listen (Shareware)

Starting today, I’m offering Stop, Collaborate and Listen in shareware format as a micromanual. You’re encouraged to register, download and read the micromanual, but requested not to distribute it. If you find it useful, you’re requested to purchase it from Amazon, where the royalty will be like a colourful explosion of fireworks in the day of this most humble consultant. If [...]

Apr 282014
Stop, Collaborate and Listen

I’ve been an IT consultant for close to two decades. During that time I’ve worked with a large number of IT departments ranging from those in small, privately held businesses, to departments servicing world-wide Fortune 500 companies. Those businesses have been in just about all industry verticals: Telecommunications, Mining, Education (Higher and Tertiary), Government (Local, [...]

Apr 252014

I recently encountered one of those has-to-be-environmental errors that turned out to be a NetWorker issue. You know the one: the situation being explained is so straight-forward that there’s no chance NetWorker could be the actual culprit. Then you investigate. Then you investigate a little more. Then you blink slowly and realise it really is a NetWorker error. The case in point [...]