Feb 032016
Client Load: Filesystem and Database Backups

A question I get asked periodically is “can I backup my filesystem and database at the same time?” As is often the case, the answer is: “it depends”. Or, to put it another way: it depends on what the specific client can handle at the time. For the most part, backup products have a fairly basic […]

Jan 182016
Data isn't data isn't data

An integral part of effective data protection is data awareness. You can’t adequately protect what you don’t know about, but similarly, you can’t adequately protect what you don’t understand, either. Understanding what sort of data you have is critical to understanding how you can protect it – and even more so from a business perspective, how […]

Dec 222015
2015 - that's a wrap!

As we approach the end of 2015 I wanted to spend a bit of time reflecting on some of the data protection enhancements we’ve seen over the year. There’s certainly been a lot! NetWorker 9 NetWorker 9 of course was a big part to the changes in the data protection landscape in 2015, but that’s not by any means the only advancement […]

NetWorker Scales El Capitan

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Dec 202015
NetWorker Scales El Capitan

When Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) came out, I upgraded my personal desktop and laptop to El Capitan. The upgrade went pretty smoothly on both machines, but then I noticed overnight my home lab server reported backup errors for both systems. When I checked the next day I noticed that NetWorker actually wasn’t installed any more on […]

Dec 012015

It’s that time of the year again where I ask my readers and the NetWorker Community to spend a few minutes of their time answering some questions on how NetWorker is used within their environment. So your forbearance is greatly appreciated. Each year I pose this survey and run it through from 1 December through to 31 January […]

Recovering nsrd.info

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Nov 162015
Recovering nsrd.info

Regular visitors will have noticed that nsrd.info has been down quite a lot over the last week. I’m pleased to say it wasn’t a data loss situation, but it was one of those pointed reminders that just because something is in “the cloud” doesn’t mean it’s continuously available. In the interests of transparency, here’s what happened: […]

Nov 052015
NetWorker 8.2 SP2 is here

While NetWorker 9 went DA at the end of September and is seeing healthy uptake around the world, NetWorker 8.2 is still getting updates. Released a couple of weeks ago, NetWorker 8.2 SP2 includes a slew of changes. While undoubtedly NetWorker 9 will be seeing the majority of new-feature development henceforth, that’s not to say that NetWorker 8.2 won’t […]

Oct 272015
Multihost consistent backups in NetWorker 9

NetWorker 9 introduces a new action that can be incorporated into workflows, Check Connectivity. You can use this prior to a backup action to confirm that you have connectivity to a host before starting the backup. Now, you may think this is a little odd, since NetWorker effectively checks connectivity as part of the backup process, but that’s […]

Oct 262015
Linux Block Based Backups in NetWorker 9

As mentioned in my introductory post about it, NetWorker 9 introduces the option to perform Block Based Backups (BBB) for Linux systems. (This was introduced in NetWorker 8 for Windows, and has actually had its functionality extended for Windows in v9 as well, with the option to now perform BBB for Hyper-V and Exchange systems.) BBB is a highly efficient […]

Oct 022015
NetWorker 9: The future of backup

Introduction When NetWorker 8 was released I said at the time it represented the biggest consolidated set of changes to NetWorker in the all the years I’d been working with it. It represented a radical overhaul and established the groundwork for further significant changes with NetWorker 8.1 and NetWorker 8.2. NetWorker 9 is not a similarly big set of changes: it’s […]