Apr 062015
Turbocharged EMC NetWorker, v1.1

Today I’m announcing the availability of Turbocharged EMC NetWorker, v1.1. As you can imagine from the version number, this is an incremental update rather than a substantial revision of the previous document. The change log for the updated manual is as follows: Added details on the nsradmin -C option for automated client probes Added details for reporting on VBA […]

Mar 302015
World backup day misses the point

It’s fair to say I’m a big fan of backup and recovery. So much so that a substantial part of the last 19 years of my career have been devoted to it in some form or another. Yet here’s the rub: World backup day (March 31) is full of good intentions but has entirely the wrong focus. By that […]

Mar 262015
Basics - virtual machine names in VBA backups

If you’ve been backing up your virtual machines with VBA, you’ve probably hit that moment when you’ve run an mminfo query and seen output looking like the following: As you can see, that’s not the most effective way to see virtual machine names – vm:<id> doesn’t allow you to easily match it back to the virtual machine […]

Mar 162015
Service catalogues and backups

Service catalogues are sometimes seen as an unwieldy way of introducing order with a substantial risk of introducing red tape. That being said, I’m a big fan of them for backup and recovery systems, and not because of some weird fetish for bureaucracy. Like ITIL, I’m firmly of the opinion that service catalogues get such a […]

Mar 102015

If you’ve been adapting VMware Protection Policies via VBA in your environment (like so many businesses have been!), you’ll likely reach a point where you want to be able to run a protection policy from the command line. Two immediate example scenarios would be: Quick start of a policy via remote access* External scheduler control (* May require remote command […]

Mar 062015
Virtualised servers and storage nodes

A little over 5 years ago now, I wrote an article titled, Things not to virtualise: backup servers and storage nodes. It’s long past time to revisit this topic and say that’s no longer a recommendation I’d make. At the time I suggested there were a two key reasons why you wouldn’t virtualise these systems: Dependencies Performance The dependencies point […]

Mar 022015
How secure are your backups?

Backup security is – or rather should be a big requirement in any organisation. Sadly we still see periodic examples of where organisations fail to fully comprehend the severity of a backup breach. In a worst case scenario, a backup breach involving physical theft might be the equivalent of someone having permanent and unchecked access […]

Feb 252015
Testing (and debugging) an emergency restore

A few days ago I had some spare time up my sleeve, and I decided to test out the Emergency Restore function in NetWorker VBA/EBR. After all, you never want to test out emergency recovery procedures for the first time in an emergency, so I wanted to be prepared. If you’ve not seen it, the Emergency […]

I’ve been Elected again

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Feb 242015
I've been Elected again

I’ve been running the NetWorker Blog since 2009, and since it started it’s grown to hundreds of articles in addition to a bunch of reports and some mini (and not so mini) manuals. I’ve been lucky enough to be named part of the EMC Elect Community now for 3 years running since its inception, but I thought it […]

Feb 152015
2014 NetWorker Usage Report

I’m pleased to say I’ve completed and made available the NetWorker usage report for 2014. I’m particularly grateful to everyone who took the time to answer the 20 questions in the survey conducted between December 1, 2014 and January 31, 2015. The report continues to track trends in NetWorker usage within organisations: deduplication adoption continues to grow, for instance, and Data […]