Jan 222015
Client checking with nsradmin

I’ve probably looked at the man page for nsradmin a half dozen times since NetWorker 8.2 came out, and I’d not noticed this, but someone in NetWorker product management mentioned it to me and I’m well and truly kicking myself I hadn’t noticed it. You see, nsradmin with 8.2 introduced a configuration checker. It’s not fully functional yet, but the area […]

Jan 102015
NetWorker 8.2 and VBA Instant-Access

One of the great new features in NetWorker is the integration of Instant Access, whereby virtual machines backed up with the VBA appliance to Data Domain systems may be instantly accessed from the Data Domain without needing to actually recover them. This allows you to quickly startup a failed service even as you’re migrating the virtual machine […]

Jan 032015
Turbocharged EMC NetWorker

A while ago, I set out to update the nsradmin micromanual I’d released originally in 2009. In short order though I realised there were a lot of other topics that I’d like to include in a comprehensive “Power User” guide to NetWorker, and so brings the first release of the Turbocharged EMC NetWorker guide. If I kept writing until everything about […]

Dec 292014
The Data Protection Manifesto

In my last post for 2014, I want to touch briefly on a few rules I think everyone in our industry ought to follow. We work in data protection, and that creates certain obligations on us to do our jobs well – after all, we’re entrusted to safeguard the data and systems used by the businesses we work […]

Dec 102014
Records retention and NMC

For those of us who have been using NetWorker for a very long time, we can remember back to when the NetWorker Management Console didn’t exist. If you wanted reports in those days, you wrote them yourself, either by parsing your savegroup completion results, processing the NetWorker daemon.log, or interrogating mminfo. Over time since its introduction, NMC has […]

A locale problem

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Dec 012014
A locale problem

I had a doozy of a problem a short while ago – NetWorker 8.2 in a big environment, and every now and then the NMC Recovery interface would behave oddly. By oddly: Forward/Back buttons might stop working when choosing between specific backups in the file browser Manually entering a date/time might jump you to a different date/time Backups that […]

Nov 302014

It’s that time of the year again where I ask my readers to set aside 5 minutes or so to answer some questions about how they’re using NetWorker within their environment. These results get compiled into the Annual NetWorker Usage Survey. You can find reports from previous surveys here, and the 2013/2014 report can be directly downloaded […]

Not so squeezy

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Nov 182014
Not so squeezy

It’s funny, the little tools you build up over the years as someone heavily involved in backup, particularly when it comes to testing. I have two tools that help me with filesystem and performance testing – one I call generate-filesystem, and one called genbf (generate big file). The genbf tool came about when I wanted files that […]

Oct 272014
Parallel Save Streams for HDFS Performance Gains

One of the great features in NetWorker 8.1 was Parallel Save Streams (PSS). This allows for a single High Density File System (HDFS) to be split into multiple concurrent savesets to speed up the backup walk process and therefore the overall backup. In NetWorker 8.2 this was expanded to also support Windows filesystems. Traditionally, of course, a single filesystem or […]

Oct 232014
Backing up renamed directories

Long-term NetWorker administrators may remember that NetWorker used to have a somewhat odd mechanism of dealing with renamed directories. Nowadays the default option for any new client is to enable backup renamed directories, and this is a good thing, even though it might end up using a bit more backup media. To explain the difference between then and now, and why the […]