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What is a micromanual?

To understand what a micromanual is, we first need to revisit what a standard IT/computer book or manual looks like. Typically it will run into the size of several hundred pages, most of which the average power user will rarely use. Unless designed to be a generic/high level overview, most manuals fail for the simple reason that they present too many topics without the right level of depth.

On the other hand, a micromanual is instead a short, concise guide aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of, and instructions for a specific topic in as small a space as possible.

The three principles of a micromanual are:

Free micromanuals

Title Description Download
Turbocharged EMC NetWorker Intended for regular updates, the Turbocharged EMC NetWorker manual is designed to quickly outline more complex topics within NetWorker, with extensive reference to the command line, in order to allow administrators to get the most out of the product. Registration
Stop, Collaborate and Listen It's critical that the business and IT department are closely aligned. Much has been written on this topic from the business perspective, but Stop, Collaborate and Listen approaches it from IT. How do you culturally align your IT department to the business? How do you ensure the relationship is based on trust and mutual respect? Everyone in IT plays a part. This micromanual will give you the information you need to maximise the relationship between IT and the business. Available for free, with optional purchase from Amazon. Registration
NetWorker Power Users Guide to nsradmin Targeted at people who have good experience with NetWorker at the GUI level but have not previously worked with nsradmin, this micromanual will take you through an comprehensive introductory overview before diving into some advanced nsradmin topics such as scripting and bulk updates. Please download the Turbocharged EMC NetWorker Guide instead
Configuring LinuxVTL with NetWorker The LinuxVTL project exists to provide an open source, free VTL based on LinuxVTL that can be used for development, testing and training purposes. This micromanual provides a step by step guide for configuring LinuxVTL with NetWorker. Registration

Be sure to check the site regularly for updated topics and to check for micromanual releases.

Preston de Guise